Thursday, January 31, 2008

Future Navy Seal?

Ben's new favorite thing to do is to crawl through this camo tunnel!! He is so funny and this evening he just keeps going back and forth. I like it because it keeps him entertained. It can get pretty ugly when his brothers decide they want to play with him, he voices his displeasure rather loudly.

This one just makes me laugh because this is what greets you when you go to get him out of bed. He is also voicing his displeasure about being in this bed longer than he wants to be!! I think that he may be very bossy when he gets older.
I don't know why this pictures color looks so funny but, the big boys wanted a picture of themselves on the computer also. This is what they were doing today while Ben was having a peaceful tunnel crawling adventure.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Up, up, and Away

Yes, Ben is pulling up now, and he is into everything. He is such the little busy body, but he always seems to be pretty happy entertaining himself. He tries to follow his brothers everywhere. He especially likes the TV, DVD player, and daddy's Playstation (which is a huge no-no). He has even had to have his little hands spanked a couple of times lately :( I can't believe that my baby is getting so big.

So Max has finally mastered the art of Heeleying (?). Anyway, he got these shoes for Christmas and now wants to wear them everywhere. He has discovered how fast he can go down the driveway (much to the dismay of the knees of all of his pants). He even goes for a quick spin before we head to school in the morning.
As you can see not all trips down the driveway are successful, but he actually does not cry that much because I just tell him to go take off the shoes if he is going to cry!!

This picture is dedicates to my mother. This picture shows Sam in his usual manner when he does not get a nap in the afternoon. Thanks Mom.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Angel Fire 2007!!

Well. we survived our first family ski trip with no major injuries. (Unless you count Chad whining about his knees hurting from falling over Max). I know I posted a ton of pics, but we had a good time and the boys really enjoyed themselves. Max even said that he wanted to move there. We were very blessed to get to spend time with Chad's entire family, but I have to say that I am happy to be back in more milder weather and back to Ben. I really missed my little chubby man while we were gone.

Here we are all dressed up and ready for our first day on the slopes!!

Aren't these two little guys the cutest snow bunnies you've ever seen?

Here is Sam getting on the "roller coaster" with his ski instructor. Yes, he called the ski lift a roller coaster and it was his favorite thing to do. I am really not sure if he would have continued to ski if he did not get to keep riding the "roller coaster".Max did not really enjoy carrying his own skis, but somebody had to and Chad and I had our hands full!!

Here is Sam right after getting off of the roller coaster. As you can see Chad and Max are waiting on the bench because Max zooms down the hill so fast and gets right back on the lift so it takes awhile for Sam to catch up to him!!

I was trying to take an action shot of Max but he never let me get ahead of him enough to get his entire body in the picture. The first day of skiing was rough on Max but after that he was unstoppable. I really wish I was as fearless as he is.
This is how Chad and I had to ski with Sam most of the time. I know that it may look easy, but I will tell you that it is totally exhausting!! It is really a work out on the thighs!!
On the last day of our trip the wind was blowing really hard to they had to shut down the main ski lift up the mountain. We decided to go tubing that morning and it was pretty fun. They call it the "Polar Coaster" and it is about 1000 ft long. Everyone gets an innertube and rides the "wonder carpet" up to the top of the hill. Then chose a lane and away you go!!

Max wanted to go "really fast" so Chad tried to help him all he could!!
Sam even pulled his own innertube back to the "wonder carpet"!! He really is getting to be such a big boy!!
Here is a view from the top of the "Polar Coaster" (I think that is Max half way down."