Thursday, July 22, 2010

For my dad!

I guess my dad has been complaining about his children's lack of blogging, and yes mine has been absolutely pathetic! So this is for my dad!

This evening I was not able to function in my house. Nerf bullets were flying everywhere, and I mean everywhere! I finally ended up leaving and going for a jog! Sometimes I feel like I'm surrounded by to much testosterone (sp?)! Yes, the biggest child in this picture causes the most chaos!

Monday, February 1, 2010


Yes, I am sure that some of you are shocked that I am actually posting on my blog! I have obviously missed several important blog worthy events (birthdays, milestones, Christmas, etc.) But none the less I am bringing you pictures of our sledding adventure!

Since we the snow hit us hard (not nearly as hard as they said it would) we took full advantage and took the kids for a little outing. Luckily Uncle Bert and Aunt Sally have the perfect pasture for sledding behind the pickup! It was so nice outside and the snow was just the right consistency.

Lucy kept trying to get in on the fun as well.

Ben loved every minute of it! He kept falling off and he didn't even care. He would just hop back on and yell "Go faster!" I swear the child is fearless.

This inner tube didn't last very long after this ride! Chad was just a little to heavy!
Max was like a little leach. It was almost impossible to get him to fall off!
We had a blast and can't wait until it snows again.
Hopefully I will be a better blogger, but I'm not making any promises!