Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Keep Ben in your prayers

he is getting tubes tomorrow morning and hopefully this will help us avoid all of the antibiotics he has been on in his short 6 mos. of life. We have to be at the hospital at 6:30AM and will hopefully be home by noon!!

Just thought I would post some pics of him before his first hospital adventure tomorrow.

He really loves his first tast of biter biscuit!! I wonder if he actually ate any of it?

OH, please do not leave me in here, I do not want to go to sleep!!


Annie said...

How sweet, I love the pictures of my cutie Benny Boo Bear. I don't know why you refuse to type is whole name!! I am glad everything went well with Benny Boo Bear. This will surely make a difference and hopefully he won't need a second set!

Katie said...

Ok, the last pic is cracking me up. Look at his hair compared to the other boys!!!

Mandi said...

These pics are so sweet!! I hope everything went well for your little man today!!

Kara said...

I didn't know he was getting tubes! Right before the wedding...I pray it went well, I know I am a little late on the whole deal! He is so cute! I can't wait until he and Carter are terrorizing people :)