Friday, March 28, 2008

Easter (finally)

We had a really awesome Easter weekend. We colored eggs, we hunted eggs, the kids got Easter bunny loot, and most importantly we to Church to celebrate the Resurrection of our Lord. The service was wonderful (especially Ed's wig, wish I had a picture to post of that!!). After church we came back to our house along with Joe, Lanus, Mom, Dad, Sally, Bert, and Emily to eat. We then just hung out until it was time to go to curch that evening. All in all it was a fun filled weekend.

I really do not know why Max makes faces everytime a camera is poined in his direction!!

Yes, Ben's hand was green for a couple of days, but he really enjoyed himself!!

It is next to impossible to get a decent pic of my kiddos together, thank goodness for Aunt Kaye


Leslie said...

Love the group pics, you all are just too cute together.

Becky said...

You know, your boys remind me of the old Calvin and Hobbes cartoons. One of them is always making one of "those" faces right when the picture is snapped. Of course, they are adorable (I don't think that Max appreciates the sentiment)

Katie said...

Finally! Cute pics of the boys! Can't wait to see the final pics of the kitchen! Oh, by the way, I have alway said that Max reminds me of Calvin from the cartoons!

Annie said...

Love the post, your boys are just too funny and adorable! Hey I know Max gives pretty good faces but lets not forget our little Sammy Man, he gives good ones as well. I'm impressed with the family pic you got, everyone is looking at the camera and that's no small feat when there isn't anyone behind it!!