Thursday, April 24, 2008

I am still here!!

I just wanted everyone to know that I have not fallen off of the face of the earth! I really have tried to post, but everytime I try to download some pics my computer messes something up!!

I know that my mother posted about Granton Bayless before, but for those of you who are praying for him and have never gone to his parents' blog I wanted to let you know the site. Its is


Leslie said...

I believe you Mandy, I was having the same problem for days on this site. Seems to be working for me now. BTW thanks again for telling me to "don't worry about being to clean (especially your kids) and you all will have a great time." Totally reminded myself of that 20 or 30 times over the last weekend. Really helped me relax and enjoy myself!!

The Garvie Family said...

I was getting worried about you!! Just tell Chad to go buy you a new computer. I will keep Granton in my prayers...what a precious little guy!!!