Sunday, July 6, 2008

T-ball trials

T-ball is over for the year so I am a little behind on this post. Max really has not decided how he feels about the game. I do know that he made me feel very frustrated!! Everyone knows that Max is capable of running pretty well and he enjoys it (yes, exactly like his father, and nothing like his mother!) But when it came to running the bases you would have thought that he had never run before in his life. We (his parents) are still hoping the competitive bug will bite Max and since Kids Inc. t-ball is anything but competitive (no outs, everyone bats, don't keep score) maybe next year will be better! Half of the time he would have his glove over his face (he swore to me that he could still see) or be talking to his buddies in the field. Here are a few pics of his last game.
He is at least attempting some things during warm-ups.
Not looking so thrilled about playing second base, but at least his glove is not covering his eyes.
He does enjoy batting.
This was probably his favorite part of the game. Telling everyone how well they did!
We actually can wait until next year!

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Becky said...

We just need to figure out how to make feel about baseball like he does about video games! He is pretty competitive with those :D