Wednesday, September 24, 2008

5 Thing Tag!

Kara tagged me a couple of days ago. I have literally been so busy that I have not been able to do my regular blog lurking to see that I was tagged. I should also be doing some catchup on housework right now, but seriously like I am going to choose that over posting a blog!

5 Things I was doing 10 years ago.

1. I was in my senior year at OSU
2. This would be about the time we won the intramural flag football league at OSU (on Lewis Field by the way)
3. Living with Annie and Tiffany in the trailer house in Stillwater.
4. Dating Chad
5. Worrying about getting into graduate school (Oh how things change)

5 Things on my to do list
1. Clean the house
2. Fold the laundry on my bed before Chad comes in here and complains about it
3. Finish painting my house (inside and out)
4. Get ready for Oct. 1st (this is a federal funding deadline for us, which makes Sept. unbearable at my job)
5,. Take a shower.

5 bad habits
1. Pushing snooze a gazillion times in the morning.
2. Not finishing a project (i.e. painting the house)
3. A lot of people would consider my the way I keep my house a bad habit.
4. To much blog lurking
5. Eating to many sweets

5 places I have lived
1. Woodward
2. Yukon
3. Stillwater
4. I lived in Hinton (I think that was it, mom can correct me) for a couple of months sometime before the age of 2
5. Nope, that is it,

5 Things I am listening to right now
1. The dryer
2. Chad reading the paper and eating soup in the kitchen
3. Ben fussing in his bed because he doesn't want to go to sleep
4. crickets (I hate crickets)
5. That's it, we don't even have the TV on (strange)

5 words I hate
1. stupid
2. Dutchy (I hate when people say this about the way a child speaks)
3. tootie (it just grates on my nerves that Max says this all of the time.)
4. I really can't think of anymore off of the top of my head

5 jobs I have had
1. Speech Pathologist
2. Secretary at OARC
3. Mailroom at OSU
4. Mowing lawns
5. Radio board operator

5 things I have eaten today
1. banana bread
2. Lean Cuisine Lasagna
3. meatloaf
4. mashed potatoes
5. green beans (we ate at church tonight)

5 websites I visit daily
1. Stock exchange bank
2. MSN weather
3,4,5,6, etc all the blogs I check regularly

Now I tag Leslie, Mandy G., Sam, Tara, and Billie. Some of you need to blog more often! TARA (I will excuse you a little bit because of the whole hurricane thing!)

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Are you ready for some football?

So, last Monday night I put the big boys to bed and I go looking for the little one. This is what I find when I go into the family room. Chad said that he just came and plopped himself right down to watch the football game. It was pretty cute, he just laid there and watched the game until a commercial came on and then he would get mad. Chad says that you gotta train 'em early!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Another one bites the dust!

Actually it was the bread. Max has had a loose tooth for quite some time now. He won't let anyone touch it, he really acts like he may lose his life if he looses that tooth. Anyway, we were at church this evening eating dinner and Max took a bite of bread and his tooth fell out, yes bread, that is how loose it was. Scary thing is, he has now lost five teeth, but only has two new ones. If he doesn't hurry up and grow some of those teeth back in it may be difficult for him to eat. This is the picture I got out of him!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Max!

Yes, Max's actual birthday was yesterday we were just so busy I did not have time to post! I really can't believe that my baby is six years old now. He has truly been the biggest blessing. He definitely keeps us on our toes, but I wouldn't have it any other way. He is turning into the sweetest boy and is the best big brother (okay, he does like to torment sometimes, but Chad says that is in the big brother job description!) I will have to warn you that I posted a a lot of pictures, but when I started looking at them I became very nostalgic and I couldn't pick just a couple.

Max had a rough start so he wasn't the prettiest new born, but we thought he was precious.

My baby is 1!

Here Max is 2 years old and all ready a big brother!

Max is 3 and such a blondie!

My baby turns 4 and Aunt Katie starts taking pics yeah!

When Max turned 5 the Chandler smile started!

Happy birthday Max, we love you so much!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Sam's pennant

I thought I would post a picture of Sam's homework (that is what he called it.) His teacher sent these pennants home from school with directions to decorate it with things about Sam (pics, favorites, ect) Obviously, he had a lot of help with this assignment (actually I printed the pics, but my mom basically but it together). What kind of makes me laugh about it is the fact that Sam insisted that Ricco be put on the pennant. For those of you who do not know about Ricco he is Sam's imaginary horse. Usually Sam tells me that he is black and if 58 years old, but he picked a white horse picture to put on the pennant, go figure. Ricco also tends to take the blame for things that Sam does. The other day I was doing something to Sam (I can't remember exactly, putting his shoes on I think) and he was being whiney and fussy. I told him to knock it off and quit being a baby. His exact words to me were "Mom, Ricco is pinching me and it hurts!"

Friday, September 5, 2008

Busy, Busy, Bees

I know, I feel terrible because I am a horrible blogger. I just literally meet myself coming and going all of the time. We had a great Labor Day weekend (not that I have anything to prove it with because I forgot my camera!) we came home dirty and tired, but after we had been home a couple of hours Max said he was ready to go back! The rest of the week was a blur between work, school, soccer practice, church, homework (yep, in kindergarten) more soccer practice, looking at houses (yes, that is another post all together!) and finally getting home I am completely exhausted. I am really hoping the kids sleep in tomorrow. I am leaving you with pics of the big boys trying on their new shin guards and cleats on night before be. They have become quite the clowns. Hope everyone has a great weekend!