Thursday, March 19, 2009

Spring Break Part 1

Since I have been such a horrible blogger lately, I thought I would break our trip to OKC into several posts, just to make it last longer. On Tuesday when we arrived in OKC we decided to take the kiddos to Incredible Pizza and of course they had a blast (and spent a ton of money!).

I noticed while looking through my pictures that I have a ton of Ben at Incredible, but not a lot of the older boys. Mostly because I was stuck with Ben in the kiddie section while Chad ran around acting like a child with the older two! Ben loved riding this little train a threw a complete tantrum every time I had to get him off to let other children ride.
He also loved playing with these balls. He could have stuck balls in this little tube all day long!
Max playing "Whack a Shark!"
Skee ball was a big hit and Ben even joined in the fun, but it was completely dangerous for anyone in the near vicinity!

Tune in for part 2 tomorrow!


Leslie said...

Cute pics! Looks like everyone had a great time, including Chad! HAHA

Becky said...

It is very convenient to have a "big" kid that will run and play with the other children so you can relax in the "baby" area :)

Sam said...

ahhh, incredible pizza.....we'll be there sometime between april 7-14! my kids can't wait! my mom says that place is vegas for kids! :-)