Monday, August 27, 2007

Challenge Accepted!!

Okay, so I accepted Kara's challenge and started a blog (thanks to Katie's technical support). I am not sure how often I will be posting, but at least I am going to give it a shot. So I guess I have been tagged and have to reveal 7 little known facts about myself. (Gosh this is going to be hard)!!

1. I know this is pathetic but I balance my check book just about every single day. Web banking just makes it so easy and I am obsessed with those numbers adding up right!!

2. I love the movie Holiday, and since I have it on my DVR I watch it at least once a week. At least the parts I really like. It just makes me smile.

3. I really hate taking baths. I totally prefer showers. Since Chad and I have been married (over six years) I have probably only been in the bathtub in this house about 5 times.

4. I, like my mother, love to make cookie dough and not make any cookies. I can still remember the first time she let us do this. We lived in Yukon and I had a few friends spend the night. We stayed up all night playing Yahtzee (yes that is right) and making ourselves sick on cookie dough (my mother was with us the entire time of course).

5. I love reminiscing about my high school days. Some people say they would not go back for anything, but I had a blast and would do it again in a minute. I have such great memories. (Of course I would not give up my four boys now for anything.)

6. I love to read. Something I could reread over and over again is the Little House on the Prairie books and the Box Car Children books (both of these sets of books I was introduced to in elementary school). I used to fantasize that I would be living like that. I still think that it would be great!!

7. I really think that I am turning into my mother. I used to never cry about anything and now the smallest things getting my teary eyed. Sometimes I really cannot believe that it is me with tears running down my face. I always remember thinking that I would never be like that. I guess you really do turn into your mother.


Annie said...

Great job! I also enjoyed my high school days, man was life easy then. No one to watch out for but yourself. I am just like you though, I wouldn't give my family up for nothing.

Becky said...

You should be so lucky to end up just like your mother:) I love you!

Katie said...

You are doing so good. Love the facts. I really need to make you a banner, but I need to get I pic of Max! Keep it up.

Mandi said...

Yay!! I'm so glad you started a blog and you are doing great posting!! Love your facts too, I L.O.V.E.D. the Box Car Children too in elementary school and would fantasize about living the same way they did, I always thought it would be such an adventure!!!

Kara said...

Love the blog and all the facts! Cory loved Boxed Car Children! Funny picture too! Can't wait to see more, keep it up!

slaydenmom said...

hey, I love holiday!! i cannot believe how silly some of those acts are...but it's one of my favs too....i have the dvd and watch it lots...I also love any doris day movies!! (except the westerns)

nice list!