Thursday, October 4, 2007

Ben's first green beans!!

Ben got his first taste of baby food about two weeks ago, and he really did not enjoy the experience. He really like the spoon better than anything else, and just wanted to play with it the entire time.

This is a pic that Max snapped right after Ben was all cleaned up!! Max loves taking pictures and he thinks that Ben is quite the little model!!

This face shows exactly how good Ben thought those green beans really were. I really do not know if he actually swallowed any of it!!


Annie said...

These pictures made me laugh. I forget how the food covers them from head to toe when they first learn to use a spoon. What a cutie!

Katie said...

I have totally forgot what it is like when you first start them on some food. Lots of fun!!! Max takes really good pics!!

Becky said...

He may not have liked it at first, but he has come around fast. I think that boy just likes to eat! My favorite picture is the one Max took, how precious!

Kara said...

How is he doing now? It always takes them some time to get used to it! Max is a great picture taker!