Saturday, October 13, 2007

Just some pics

My friend Tina just e-mailed theses pictures to me. She took them at the Homecoming pep assembly and at the parade. Mom forgot her camera so she did not get any pics at the pep assembly. I thought the pic of Sally and Emily was really cute so I decided to past. Then Max and Sam told me that they wanted their pictures on the computer so here they are!! They just basically ran around on the bleachers during the pep assembly.


Annie said...

WOW! Does it even seem possible to be going to pep assemblies with your kiddos? I remember all to well how much fun we used to have at pep assemblies. Time truly has flown, but it get better all the time. :)

Katie said...

Good to see another post. I can't wait for those guys to come and see us this weekend!