Saturday, December 15, 2007

Sunday School Class Party

So, I know that I have not posted in forever, but it seems to me like my mother always beats me to everything (Christmas programs, etc). Our Sunday school class had our Christmas party at Chad and Michelle Hutton's house last Saturday (thanks again for hosting guys) and we had an ugly sweater contest. Not that many people participated but those who did had some pretty ugly sweaters. I have to say that Chad's may have taken the cake. Of course it was his dad's Laverne coaching sweater from 1960 (I am just really impressed Chad could wear it).

Brent's did not seem that bad, but he swore Hilary bought it at a Thrift Store (yeah, right Brent we know you wore this to work last week!!)
My terrible picture taking abilities do not do this picture justice!!


Kara said...

loved the sweaters! Good idea!

Annie said...

Great pictures!! Where is the pic of your ugly sweater?