Monday, December 15, 2008

I know what you are thinking. Two posts in two days? What's up? Let's just say it probably won't continue. Max's Christmas program was last Thursday and he did a pretty good job, even coming from this biased mom. This first picture was taken before they started singing.
This picture was taken during the performance. Notice the "not smiling face". This is what he looked like almost the entire performance. Although he did sing and participate in all of the movements, he just didn't look like he was enjoying himself overly much.
After they were finished singing he went back to looking pleased again! He just cracks me up. I added a little video for you enjoyment! Sorry for the poor video quality. I put Chad in charge of the video camera and I probably will not make that mistake again.

Sam's Christmas program is tonight. Maybe I can keep the ball rolling and post those pictures tomorrow. We'll see!


Leslie said...

Cute video! It's amazing how much he looks like you.

Billie said...

He sure is growing up!

The Garvie Family said...

He is so cute!!