Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween 2008

We had a blast this year on Halloween. Max decided to be Anakin Skywalker from Star Wars Clone Wars, Sam was Indiana Jones, and Ben was the cutest little lion you have ever seen! It does make me a little sad that the kiddos get old enough to chose their own costumes! I prefer to chose them, but hey, at least they didn't take a lot of effort this year!

This is Anakin ready to fight.

Indiana was always ready to pose for a picture!

Let's just say this lion was not as cooperative for pictures. He did love his mane though and got really mad at me if I tried to take it off of him. Everyone thought he was so cute (yes, my mother made the costume!)
Which would you bet on lightsaber or whip?
Luke got to enjoy Halloween with us this year and he was a cute little dragon, but don't tell him that! He says he is a dinosour!

Here is our best effort at a group shot!


Annie said...

They were all so stinkin cute! I can't believe you didn't post a pic without Max's mask on. Lovin the way Sam poses for his pics! :) And of course Ben is adorable!!!

Hilary said...

They all look really cute. The boys look like they really got into character. Ben looks too sweet. I love lion costumes for some reason and neither of mine have ever been one. Maybe this new baby....

Katie said...

Of course they all look adorable. Love Sammy's pose. I noticed him doing the same one in Sally and Mom's posts!