Saturday, November 1, 2008

More Halloween Fun!

I don't know why, but blogger cut me short on my other Halloween post. I wanted to post some pictures from KidFest at our church! We did a little trick or treating with the kiddos and then we headed to our church carnival, needless to say, we got there when it started and we stayed until it closed! We had so much fun. Here is Sam on the big slide I bet the kids did this about 50 times.
Max even helped Ben up once and gave him a shove down. Ben loved every minute of it!
As some of you know Ben is oppsessed with Basketball, so when he noticed a goal just his size this is what he wanted to do all evening.
I was trying to get a picture of Carter, the lion, and Ben together (jungle animals you know), but as you can see Ben was not cooperating so well!
There was a hay ride outside (Uncle Bert was the driver) and Aunt Sally took all of the kiddos for a spin.
I know this picture is horrible, but I feel like I haven't posted many of Max. Mostly because I can hardly stay up with him! This was at the carnival, it is a big swing that is hooked up to the seiling. They but the kids in this sling like thing and push them around (way high by the way) and of course my boys love every minute of it!
Needless to say that a great time was had by all, and thanks to my mom we are now the proud parents to three goldfish. Yes, my mother sets up a carnival booth and gives away fish to children who can thow a ping pong ball into a jar containing the fish. Mimi thought all three of the boys needed their own fish. Thanks a lot Mimi!

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