Monday, June 8, 2009


I really don't know where to start bloggin' about our cruise. It was wonderful and we had a great time. Since I depended on my mother to do the major portion of the picture taking I will just put up a couple of pics and you can check out my moms blog to see the better pictures!

This picture was taken at Glacier Bay. It was so beautiful and pristine here. I don't have that great of a camera and this picture was taken through a window but this was one of the bigger glaciers that we saw.
During the cruise we had two formal dinner nights. It was kind of fun to get all dressed up. Doesn't really happen that much around here!

One of the funniest things about the ship was that they had these rugs in the elevators that said the day of the week. At first I just thought it was funny, but I came to rely on those things. It was really easy to lose track of time!
Here is a funny picture of my mom and dad in Sitka. I think my mom spent half of her time on shore shopping for the grand kids. Imagine that. She bought these hats for Ben and Ryder, they are hilarious!

I really do have a ton to blog about so hopefully since school is out I will continue to update regularly. I plan on more cruise bloggin tomorrow!


Annie said...

Looks like you guys had too much fun, and I wasn't even there- how'd that happen?! :) You all looked sharp in your fancy clothes. Can't wait to see more!

Kara said...

sounds guys look fancy! Can't wait to see more pics. Glad you had fun, but glad you are were missed!

Leslie said...

I've heard of day of the week underwear (never saw the use to those though), but day of the week rugs, that's a new one.

I cannot wait to see more photos, so keep them coming and don't take too long!

Hilary said...

I'm sure you all had a blast! I'm jealous. You all clean up mighty fine! Keep the pictures coming!

Becky said...

I made a comment about the cruise on your last Wednesday post. Imagine, me getting confused. :) I want copies of all of your pictures!