Friday, June 26, 2009

Hade to share!

Max has been playing baseball this summer and I haven't even taken any pictures! I thought I would share his team photo because . . . well, its just Max. Yes, he is the child on the front row not even facing the camera. looking at the kid next to him making a weird face. Yes, Katie, Max's inability to take a normal picture carries over to other photographers as well!
Here is his individual picture. A little better than usual, but Max seems to have a little of the "Chandler Bing" problem. Plus I noticed the tattoos on his arm after the pictures where taken. Oh well, I am sure we will just laugh at this someday! My goal is to get some action pictures taken next week since his season is ending then. Hope everyone has a great weekend.


Leslie said...

I think he looks cute! IMO the kid beside him in the group photo has the chandler bing issue.

I so loved that show!

Annie said...

I am laughing now!!! Too cute! What is up with the size of Max's team, Max looks tiny.

Becky said...

I love his "picture personality" and I love watching him play ball! He is getting way too grown up.