Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Missed Milestone!

So in my pathetic blogging past I missed blogging some significant milestones. For instance Sam lost his first tooth a couple of months ago and although I took these pictures, I never posted them. Honestly, I did not believe that Sam had a loose tooth. He kept telling us that he did but we thought that he was just "wishful" thinking because Max had lost so many teeth and had been receiving visits from the tooth fairy. It took Max convincing us "Mom, Sam's tooth really is loose!" that it was true. I told Sam that if he wanted to go the movie later that night than he would have to let me pull his tooth. He said okay and opened his mouth but alas the tooth was all ready gone! He was upset because he didn't have a tooth to leave for the tooth fairy but we left a note and she understood!

Maybe later in the week I will catch up on other missed blogging opportunities, such as EASTER!


Sam said...

love the posts, no matter how late they are!!

Leslie said...

He is so cute!

BTW where did that tooth go?

Amanda said...

He is too cute!! I'm loving his big brown eyes!!

Dawn said...

You are a funny girl! Aren't you glad the tooth fairy is so understanding?