Thursday, August 21, 2008

So here it is. . .

all of the junk that is in my purse. I was tagged by Leslie for this and you are supposed to empty out your bag, take a photo and list out the items, explaining things you think need an explanation. Then others post what they think when they see the items. Here we go...

1 wallet
2 checkbooks
2 pens
1 pack of Trident gum
expired diaper coupons
2 tubes of mascara
1 tube of old lip gloss
1 picture holder
1 empty bottle of Afrin
1 empty antibiotic container
1 nasty old sucker
keys (the key chain is about 11 years old and is the one I used at OSU!)
1 new eyeliner (just purchased)
1 walmart gift card (balance unknown)
2 paint color samples (not a color choice, just taken away from my children at Walmart when they were not supposed to be messing with them)
a couple of straw wrappers, receipts, gum wrappers, and a ticker stub to Space Chimps.

This is pretty pathetic I realize. I don't even like carrying a purse. Needless to say I did not put the trash, coupons, Afrin, sucker, lip gloss, or medicine container back in my purse. So this was actually a good excuse to clean things out. Now I want to tag Kara and Amy Burnett (come on Amy just do it, you haven't posted in a really long time and it would be funny!) Have fun.


Dawn said...

NOOOOOO! Don't throw away the diaper coupons! I discovered (quite by accident, I might add) that you can still use expired coupons in the self checkouts at our favorite discount store! Is that fraud? Hope not!

Leslie said...

That's not nearly as much stuff as I expected for a busy mom with three little boys to chase after.

Those suckers are really good, caramel- good, apple- good, sugar- good, green food coloring- good. I haven't had one of those in a good long time.